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ISCE is a Polytechnic Higher Education Institution, founded in 1984, which develops teaching, research and community outreach activities in the areas of educational sciences, sports sciences, business sciences and social and human sciences. The various Bachelor's and Master's study cycles, Higher Professional Technical Courses, Postgraduate Degrees, Specialization Courses and other training offers emphasize the construction of professionalism and the preparation of students for professional success in challenging and diverse contexts.



ISCE belongs to Grupo Pedago, founded in 1971, which is the most eclectic and intergenerational Portuguese educational group, holding institutions at all levels of education and teaching.


Location - Campus

ISCE is located in Ramada in Odivelas, on a unique academic campus, covering approximately two and a half hectares, equipped with facilities for teaching, research, laboratory, educational, sporting, cultural and tourist practices.

The institution enjoys excellent accessibility (approximately 10 minutes from the center of Lisbon, next to Loures, Amadora and Sintra and also with excellent connection routes to the entire West Zone) and large green spaces. This unique environment, based on a humanist and close relational culture, contributes to an optimized environment conducive to the development of academic activities.


Pedagogical Vanguard

ISCE is a cutting-edge institution and implementer of pedagogical ruptures, having been the first Portuguese higher education institution to see pedagogical models of face-to-face, mixed and distance learning recognized in its statutes. This pedagogical diversity allows adaptation to different student profiles and in particular the reconciliation of work and study; individual time management; permanent monitoring and collaborative work.


Faculty Profile

ISCE is proud to have a humanist teaching staff prepared from a scientific and pedagogical point of view, capable of reconciling demanding activities with flexibility, so that students find academic, professional and social success.


Internationalization, Partnerships and Internships

Numerous national and international partnerships are available that allow students, teachers and employees to carry out internships, mobility and enjoy numerous competitive advantages of an institution that works collaboratively and in a network. The protocols involve various European, African, Brazilian and American entities and organizations, namely: Universities, Schools, Companies, Institutions, Clubs and Ministries.


The institution is attentive to the needs of students and seeks to promote academic success through the provision of diverse services as added value: Healthclub H2OVITA; Psychopedagogical office; Kidspace (a place open during training hours, with activities for our students' children), GRI - International Relations Office, Publisher – Edições Pedago, ISCE.VIDA.ATIVA (UNIVA - Active Life Insertion Unit, UPA-Emp - Entrepreneurial Activity Promotion Unit, GECOM - Community Extension Office, PRAX'ISCE - Community of Practices and GAPQ - Quality Assessment and Promotion Office.

ISCE Spirit


ISCE is, as a scientific and pedagogical project, an incessant call to promote creativity and conviviality and a means for building culture and HAPPINESS. Artistic, Cultural, Educational, Sports and Tourism initiatives, exhibitions, free-time activities, associations, academic parties are, therefore, expressions of authentic vitality.

Educational, Scientific and Cultural Project