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ISCE is located in Ramada in Odivelas, on a unique academic campus, covering approximately two and a half hectares, equipped with facilities for teaching, research, laboratory, educational, sporting, cultural and tourist practices. Among them, 2 sports fields, a sports hall, a gym ( H2ovita ) and a swimming pool stand out.

The institution enjoys excellent accessibility (approximately 10 minutes from the center of Lisbon, next to Loures, Amadora and Sintra and also with excellent connection routes to the entire West Zone) and large green spaces. This unique environment, based on a humanistic and close relational culture, contributes to an optimized environment conducive to the development of academic activities.

You can consult the map of the Dr. Augusto Pais Martins Campus here .


Our Institute recently confirmed the change of facilities to the Monastery of São Dinis and São Bernardo de Odivelas, a change that will contribute to modernizing our facilities as well as making them more accessible to the population!

The installation period, depending on ministerial regulations, is expected to be completed within two to three years.

See here what the New Park of the City of Odivelas will look like, where our Institute will be located:

You can read more about this subject here .