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The application period runs from the 1st of July.

Students who meet the following conditions can apply for Degree courses through the General Regime:

      1. Holding a secondary education course, or legally equivalent qualification ;
      2. Carrying out the necessary entrance test(s) for each of the courses to which they are applying, carried out through national secondary education exams:
        According to Deliberation No. 1134/2006 of the National Commission for Access to Higher Education, national exams are valid as entrance tests in the year in which they are held and in the following two years.
      3. Candidates must obtain a classification of no less than 95 points on a scale of 0 to 200 in the entrance test(s). The application classification will be calculated on a scale of 0 to 200, applying the following formula:

        • Final classification of the secondary education course …………………………………. 65%
        • Classification of the entrance test(s) ……………….....……………………………….. 35%

All candidates must carry out a semi-structured interview, with a view to collecting information about their vocational and professional profile. This interview also makes it possible to verify the basis of the choice made by the candidate.

      1. Online application available from 1/07
      2. Document proving possession of a secondary education course, or legally equivalent qualification;
      3. Document proving the completion, in the current academic year, of the entrance test(s) required for each of the courses to which they are applying;
      4. Presentation of identity card or citizen card;
      5. Certificate of physical and mental robustness.

Candidates will have to pay an application fee.


    • Check the application deadlines here


Candidates must register within two working days after the ranking list is posted. If some of the candidates do not register within the set deadline, the existing vacancies will be filled in accordance with the ordering list.

Upon registration, candidates must pay the registration fee and the first installment of the annual tuition fee, simultaneously submitting the following documents:

      1. Enrollment form, in a specific form to be provided by the Institute;
      2. Presentation of the Identity Card or Citizen Card;
      3. A passport photograph;
      4. Updated vaccination report.

Consult here the Attendance and Assessment regulations to be applied to the 1st cycles of studies of courses suitable for the Bologna process.

You can consult our Institute’s entire Degree training offer here

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