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Candidates who meet the following requirements can apply for higher education:

    1. Have turned 23 years old by December 31, 2022;
    2. Do not have access to the desired course;
    3. Holders of any level of education.


Make your online application here

Documents for admission to the access tests for candidates over 23 years of age:

    1. Photocopy of Identity Card or Citizen Card;
    2. School and professional curriculum;
    3. Certificate of Qualifications;
    4. Certificate of physical and mental robustness;
    5. Proof of professional experience developed and/or other elements that they consider relevant for assessing your ability to attend the degree course you are applying for.


    • Check the application deadlines here

Registration fee for the test
    • €100 (deductible on application)


The assessment of the ability to attend each of the ISCE - Instituto Superior de Lisboa e Vale do Tejo courses must include:

      1. Assessment of the candidate's educational and professional curriculum;
      2. Assessment of the candidate's motivations, through an interview;
      3. Carrying out a theoretical-practical test to assess the knowledge and skills considered essential for entry into the respective course.


After completing the process, applicants must register and register within the deadline established for this purpose.

Upon registration, candidates must pay the registration fee and the first installment of the annual tuition fee, simultaneously submitting the following documents:

      1. Enrollment form, in a specific form to be provided by the Institute;
      2. Photocopy of Identity Card or Citizen Card;
      3. A passport photograph;
      4. Updated vaccination report.


Check here the regulations for capacity assessment tests for higher education for those over 23 years of age.

Degree Secretariat

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