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Students who meet the following conditions can apply for access to postgraduate study cycles:

      • Holders of an academic, scientific or professional curriculum, which the Technical-Scientific Council considers to confer the capacity to carry out this cycle of studies.

    1. The selection of candidates is made through curricular assessment and, if considered relevant, by conducting an interview;
    2. The following curricular elements are subject to consideration:
      • Curriculum vitae;
      • Academic/professional training in the area of specialization;
      • Candidate motivation.


Candidates must present the following documents:

      1. Online Application ;
      2. Certificate of academic qualifications;
      3. Curriculum vitae;

Candidates will have to pay an application fee.


    • 1st Application Phase : Until August 29th
    • Posting of Application Results : To be published in due course
    • Registration Period : To be announced in due course
    • Start of Classes : To be announced in due course


At the time of registration, the first installment of the tuition fee must be paid.

Payment of the tuition fee may be made in different installments.

Masters Secretariat


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