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Anyone who joins ISCE contributes decisively to the formation of the institutional DNA, assuming themselves forever as an ambassador of our Institute. In each action or initiative, in the most varied areas of intervention, former graduates carry the name of our Institute with them, ensuring that it continues to make a positive difference in society, day after day.

Aware that the role of ISCE does not end with the completion of a course, continuing through the actions and impact that its graduate students are having on the job market and consequently on society, it is our objective to keep the bond with former ISCE students.


Taking advantage of our Institute's ability to create a culture of identity and sense of belonging to the community, ISCE seeks to stimulate relationships with former students, bringing them back to the Institute, aware that their testimonies and examples allow for a On the other hand, it is better to monitor the results of the work carried out by our Institution, assuming on the other hand as motivational factors with a great impact on the academic community, favoring the adjustment of the training offer to the needs of employers, thus guaranteeing greater proximity to the job market. work and consequently improving the employability rates of our students.


For all of this, we challenge all Alumni to remain connected to ISCE, following the day-to-day activities of our Institution, thus keeping this relationship alive, which does not end at the conclusion of the course.


Register and join the more than 10,000 students who have made this their second home since 1984 and who continue, day after day, to make a difference in the most diverse areas of knowledge, taking with them the good name of ISCE.

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