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ISCE.VIDA.ATIVA is a structure for stimulating Trainees and Professionals trained by ISCE and optimizing cooperation relations between the Educational Community and the world of work. This unit works in conjunction with the CCRI – Center for Cooperation and International Relations, in order to enhance cooperation with society in an optimal efficiency of efforts and actions.

ISCE.VIDA.ATIVA is implemented through the operation of four units:

  • UNIVA (Active Life Insertion Unit)

  • UPA-Emp (Entrepreneurial Activity Promotion Unit)

  • ALUMNI (Closely follow the professional journey of your Alumni)
  • Psychopedagogical Office (Support space dedicated to students)

From these units, ISCE.VIDA.ACTIVA promotes the following fundamental objectives:

  • Monitoring the path of Professionals trained by ISCE, understanding and supporting their professional paths;

  • Entrepreneurial Education, which seeks to develop pro-action skills, creativity, innovation and predisposition to accept risks;

  • Management of networks between the ISCE Universe and the professional network in the area of Courses that ISCE teaches, on the premise of facilitating actions in the relations of recently graduated professionals with the job market;
  • Connection to the Community as a potential for local development and the ISCE educational community;

  • Personal and socio-professional development of ISCE students and employees.

Of its diverse fields of action, ISCE.VIDA.ATIVA highlights:

  1. The promotion of non-Curricular Internship units;

  2. The dynamization of the group of ISCE Promoters;

  3. The organization of training in various areas adjacent to ISCE training;

  4. Publicizing job offers;

  5. Facilitation of job opportunities;

  6. Support for the management of “good ideas”;

  7. Psychopedagogical support.

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