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The PSYCHOPEDAGOGICAL Office aims to contribute to promoting the well-being and quality of life of the academic community, preventing and assisting with problems that arise in terms of personal development, school, professional and social integration in general and success in academic performance, through specialized support.




PSYCHOPEDAGOGICAL COUNSELING – It is a space for individualized care, meeting and dialogue, safely and in a confidential context. A service is developed that seeks to increase resources and reduce student interference in order to improve academic performance.


WELL-BEING PROGRAMS – Aimed at the ISCE academic community, they aim to promote personal development in order to promote academic success.


DISCLOSURE ACTIONS – Seek to increase the perception of risk and the level of information about the means/resources available to students and ISCE employees, both at the level of the academic community and within civil society in general.


Access is free to all activities of the Psychopedagogical Office.


Appointments made by email


Opening hours: Tuesday between 3pm and 5pm


Service Location: Pavilion II (Office Near the Library)

Luís Picado

21 934 17 35