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The Higher Professional Technical Course in Development of Multimedia Products promotes qualified training, in a professionalizing logic with a view to the full insertion in the job market of specialized and competent technicians who, autonomously or integratedly, carry out the technical design and development of multimedia products, namely: graphic compositions for digital media, images and photographs, video and audio productions, digital animations, websites and interactive applications.


    • Design creative and innovative projects in the multimedia area, depending on the strategies defined by the company/client;
    • Design illustrations and visual narratives using photography and the processing of digital images;• Develop and manage the strategies and content of a website;
    • Create and edit graphic content for digital and analog printing;
    • Develop visual representations of infographic schemes;
    • Model 3D objects depending on the intended output;
    • Design and develop digital animation projects;
    • Design and develop audio and video products for different types of communication;
    • Manage a simple network communication system based on the client-server model;
    • Design, produce and manage interactive applications.


Course Units Hours Credits
1st Year - 1st Semester

Contemporary Visual Culture

81 3

Applied English Techniques

162 6

Fundamentals and Techniques of Visual Communication

243 9

Photography and Digital Imaging

162 6

Introduction to Programming Languages

162 6
1st Year - 2nd Semester

Marketing and Multimedia

162 6

Creation and Editing of Web Content

162 6

Digital Graphic Environments

162 6

3d Digital Modeling

162 6

Expression and Communication Techniques

162 6
2nd Year - 3rd Semester

Ethics and Deontology in Communication

81 3

Digital Animation

243 9

Audio and Video Laboratory

243 9

Introduction to Communication Networks

81 3

Interactive Publications

162 6
2nd Year - 4th Semester


810 30


3240 120

Prof. Doctor Maria João Delgado

219 347 135
(call to national landline)