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Senior Professional Support Technicians for Children and Young People have the skills to assume, independently or as part of interdisciplinary teams, guidance, support and supervision functions for children and young people, leading to the valorization of human training, the promotion of personal and social development and the acquisition and development of skills, whether individually or from a group point of view.


    • Carry out diagnostic and continuous assessment of the cognitive, socio-affective and psychomotor development needs of children and young people;
    • Plan educational, recreational, extracurricular and free-time activities, especially aimed at the personal and social development of children and young people;
    • Promote, evaluate and supervise the impact of interactions and interpersonal relationships established between members of the institution, families, children and young people;
    • Plan and carry out formal and non-formal educational activities in schools at different levels of education;
    • Build and allocate material, physical, logistical and organizational resources to support the provision of daily care to children and young people;
    • Plan, implement and evaluate plans to improve institutional educational action, respecting the functional hierarchy


Course Units



1st Year - 1st Semester

Pedagogy and Education Models

81 3

Developmental Psychology

81 3

Information and Communication Technologies in Support Processes for Children and Young People

108 4

Expression and Communication Techniques in Portuguese

216 8

Fundamentals of Mathematics

162 6

Ecology and Environmental Education

162 6
1st Year - 2nd Semester

Artistic education

81 3

Introduction to Sociology of Education

81 3

Activities to Promote the Health and Well-Being of Children and Young People

135 5

Special Education and Inclusion

81 3

Environmental Education Workshop

216 8

Project Methodology Applied to the Educational Support Service for Children and Young People

216 8
2nd Year - 3rd Semester

Reading and Writing Workshop

162 6

Community Intervention Workshop

162 6

Research and Experimentation Workshop

162 6

Adventure and Nature Sports Techniques

162 6

Training Planning Seminar in a Work Context

162 6
2nd Year - 4th Semester


810 30


3240 120

Prof. Specialist Celeste Rosa

219 347 135
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