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The Executive Master in HRM is a program capable of leading graduates to an approach to the fundamental principles of management, work and human behavior in organizations, made up of a teaching team that is a reference for quality, leadership and andragogy.

The program is developed using the Harvard Business School method (negotiation based on principles) leading to logical decision-making and results that benefit the parties involved, allowing students to develop high personal and professional skills through shadowing experiences, professional talks, workshops and human resources laboratories .

At the end of the Executive Master students will be able to:
      • To carry out strategic and integrated management of human resources, aligned with the strategy and culture of the organization and the business.
      • To promote the management and development of human capital in harmony with business objectives.

    • Managers, senior management of companies and public organizations, who wish to update or deepen their knowledge and develop the most cutting-edge and effective tools and techniques for integrated people management

    • Master any process linked to human resources management, whether in a leadership position, as a specialist or as a consultant in the area.

The Course will last a total of 9 months. Classes will take place in person, on Fridays (6:30 pm to 10:30 pm) and Saturdays (9 am to 1 pm).

Harvard Method - analysis of narratives of real or simulated situations of varying complexity on scientific and socio-scientific aspects, offering students the opportunity to direct their own learning.


Curricular Units - UC

Teachers ECTS
HRM Fundamentals Luis Barrosa 6
Advanced GHR Practices I Fernanda Aparicio 6
GHR II Advanced Practices José Magalhães 6
Fundamentals of Management, Accounting, and Finance

Fernando Romana 6
Company Law and Labor Relations Damasceno Correia 6

Organizational Intervention

Raul Costa 6

Management IT Applied to HR

Antonio Martins 6
Intercultural HR Leadership and Management Laboratory Albino Lopes 6
Project Applied to the Organization* All teachers 12

* Transdisciplinary UC and whose contents will be covered by all teachers in all UCs.