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    • 2 semesters (60 ECTS) - Postgraduate in School Administration and Management


School Administration and Management


Improve mastery of strategies to develop a reflective professional attitude. Develop an analytical-critical awareness with a view to strengthening the abilities to evaluate organizational dynamics, educational practices and the functioning of teaching-learning contexts. Raise awareness of the sociological, pedagogical and psychological foundations of global educational action. Train to lead innovation processes that involve the community, creating networks to support change in the school. Develop educational and financial projects, respecting the primacy of the pedagogical dimension. Exercise the design, application, management and evaluation of continuous training programs and reinforcing and updating inherent knowledge. Raise awareness of the planning and management of training projects with individual and organizational motivations, seeking educational development and innovation. Improve communication and interpersonal relationship skills with a view to advising and supporting the insertion and personal development of students in initial training and teachers at the beginning of their careers. Exercise the establishment of interaction programs between the school and the educational territory. Provide knowledge of some theoretical and methodological instruments required to perform school management and pedagogical management functions. Promote the use of technological and technical instruments necessary for efficient administration and management. .


The Postgraduate Course in School Administration and Management program is designed taking into account the training needs so that teaching professionals can develop skills inherent to the exercise of administration functions, such as:

  • critical analysis skills of school and curricular organization, educational policy, public administration and administrative law;
  • intervention skills, leading innovation processes, involving the educational community and creating networks to support change at school and leading to participation in decision-making processes; use educational, organizational, patrimonial, human and financial resources planning and management methods and techniques in programming the academic year.


Course Units

1st Year - 1st semester

School Administration and Management Models and Practices


Research Methodology in Education I


Human Resources Management in Educational Organizations


Educational Policies


1st Year - 2nd semester

Research Methodology in Education II


Law Applied to Educational Organizations


Educational Assessment



- Quality Management and Marketing in Educational Organizations

- Leadership in Educational Organizations



Upon completion of the Postgraduate course, a Specialization/Postgraduate Certificate in the area will be awarded.
Accreditation was requested from the CCPFC as specialized training for teachers with more than 5 years of service.

Prof. Specialist Luís Barrosa
and Prof. Doctor Paula Farinho

219 347 135
(call to national landline)