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The Student Ombudsman is responsible for collecting complaints regarding problems of a teaching or administrative nature that are not resolved immediately by the appropriate bodies, as described in section VI, Article 18., of the ISCE Statutes.

Based on impartiality and dialogue, the Provider will collect all information necessary to resolve any academic and/or administrative problems.

The Student Ombudsman is responsible for:
    • Promote the analysis and forwarding of issues raised by students;
    • Provide an opinion and request from the Institute's bodies all information relating to cases presented to them by students;
    • Defend the rights and interests of students, and for this purpose may issue recommendations addressed to the various bodies of the Institute.

    • Helena Raposo

Student support (at ISCE - CI):
      • Wednesday – from 5pm to 8pm
      • Thursday – from 5pm to 6pm

Helena Raposo

21 934 71 35